Upper Atmospheric Lightning or “Sprites”
28th Aug 201404:23
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Today while walking Ency around the backyard, I almost bumped my head into a low hanging tree branch. When I examined it, I noticed there was an intricate spider web in between the branches with a tiny spider in the middle. His web was such that it resembled a map of the universe, with undulating waves of energy, his web, surrounding him, a star or planet, with lots of little dust particles and seeds, stars, orbiting him (okay I know stars don’t orbit, just go with it). I sound high as fuck typing this, but I’m sober. I just found this little spider’s home so complex and moving. It really did remind me of a beautiful little bubble universe, suspended in mid-air. Also I’m glad I didn’t run face-first into a spider. 

12th May 201415:45
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Opaque  by  andbamnan